Cold And Flu Season Tips

It’s turning out to be a worse than average season of cold and flu!  As chiropractors, we are always trying our best to support general health and not just aid in injury recovery. The best thing you can do in the season of sickness is help keep your immune system strong.  Our scope of practice keeps us focused on natural means of doing this, so I wanted to share a few thoughts.
Get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation stresses the body and ultimately weakens your ability to fight off viruses. Get those 8 hours that you need.
Exercise regularly.  Getting a workout in at least a few times per week will help keep your body performing better. Of course, gyms also increase your risk of picking up germs, which leads me to the third recommendation…
Wash your hands regularly! Do your best to not touch your face and keep your hands clean.This simple practice will keep you much healthier. Simple soap and water is going to be your best option, as antibacterial soaps have been shown to support the development of superbugs.
Eat well and take the proper supplements. Clean foods will better fuel your body and keep your immune system in tip top shape. We are exposed to viruses and bacteria every day. If your immune system can fight harder, it will keep you feeling better. See the article below for some key supplements to take during the cold and flu season help keep you boosted.

Dr Rob

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