Myths Surrounding The Cause And Meaning Of Lower Back Pain

There are a lot of myths surrounding the cause and meaning of lower back pain and I often hear these ideas from patients. Often, patients will come in and say “I’m in pain because I’m getting older”. While aging does change our bodies over time, this is rarely the reason for a painful back and I educate patients not to fall into this thought trap. Lower back pain is experienced at all ages and getting older doesn’t mean there’s no hope.  Lower back pain is a result of many factors, most commonly poor biomechanics or movements patterns. Correct your bad habits and you may already experience improvement.  Part of my job is getting patients to remember their pain is temporary and that they can recover and get back to the activities that they love to do. 

Check out the article below for other myths associated with lower back pain. If you need help or have lost hope due to your pain, whether it’s a lower back or any other part of your body, call us for help. We will get you energized and excited to do more and get back to your normal life!
Rob Liguori

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