When Tech Inflicts Pain

In so many cases, patients present with new injuries and state “I don’t know what I did” in reference to how they became injured.  While there are many injuries that result from accidents and sports, the truth is that a majority of injuries are a result of every day, boring activities.  One of the leading causes of repetitive or chronic injury is  technology.  The prolonged use of computers and smart phones has been the culprit of many areas of pain, such as the neck, elbow, wrist, and hands.  The extended use of these devices results in what is called a “repetitive stress injury”.  In short, doing the same movements over and over again or simply holding a position for too long can result in tissue damage.  The activities that trigger the problem can literally feel like “nothing”.  Sitting down, looking at a screen, typing, or looking down are typical examples.  All of these seemingly easy tasks build up over time and can eventually cause injury.  The link below covers a few areas of the body often damaged from technology and simple exercises to do periodically to help prevent injury.
Dr Rob

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